3D Scalable Intergrated Displays (3D-SID)

Lead Participant: Digital Projection Limited


3D-SID is a two-year applied research project to create the modular building blocks for a highly scalable 3D digital display system, which can be applied to a wide range of the most demanding applications in visualisation, simulation, cinema and entertainment. The R&D focuses on the use of multiple digital micro-mirror devices to produced very high-resolution tiled image streams, with very low latency at ultra-high data refresh rates for improved 3D and with significantly increased brightness. It includes research and development designed to produce a novel method of flat-panel 3D display by harnessing the very high refresh rates possible with the Digital Micromirror Device and FPGA-accelerated image warping and tiling. The project is led by the UK''s only manufacturer of high-performance digital projectors (Digital Projection Ltd), working with a company specialising in hardware acceleration for novel image-processing (Pandora International Ltd) and Cambridge University. Results will give the UK new access to markets for visualisation technology and active 3D cinematic display, and scientific applications.

Lead Participant , Participant

Project Cost

Grant Offer

Digital Projection Limited, MANCHESTER £715,850 £ 305,682


Pandora International Limited, SWANSEA £505,832 £ 216,000
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom £178,318 £ 178,318


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