Centre for East European Language Based Area Studies (CEELBAS)

Lead Research Organisation: University College London
Department Name: School of Slavonic & East European Studi


The Centre for East European Languaged Based Area Studies (CEELBAS) is a major innovative collaboration between three of the leading research-oriented universities involved in the field. UCL, through the School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES), acts as lead university; the University of Oxford is represented by Russian and East European Studies (REES); the University of Birmingham is represented by the Centre for Russian and East European Studies (CREES). Staff of these institutions work closely with other partners at the Universities of Bath, Cambridge, Kent, Manchester, Sheffield, Warwick and the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London and together they consitute the CEELBAS Research Network.

The main objective of the Centre is to realise the UK's strategic commitment to the study of Central and Eastern Europe and Russia by developing multi-disiplinary, language-based research capacity around key research themes to generate a sustainable flow of highly trained expertise.


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