Steerable-filter based quantification of axonal populations at the developing optic chiasm reveal significant defects in Slit2(-/-) as well as Slit1(-/-)Slit2(-/-) embryos. (2013)


Previous studies have suggested that the axon guidance proteins Slit1 and Slit2 co-operate to establish the optic chiasm in its correct position at the ventral diencephalic midline. This is based on the observation that, although both Slit1 and Slit2 are expressed around the ventral midline, mice defective in either gene alone exhibit few or no axon guidance defects at the optic chiasm whereas embryos lacking both Slit1 and Slit2 develop a large additional chiasm anterior to the chiasm's normal position. Here we used steerable-filters to quantify key properties of the population of axons at the chiasm in wild-type, Slit1(-/-), Slit2(-/-) and Slit1(-/-)Slit2(-/-) embryos.

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