GtR APIs Explained

What is an API?

  • An Application-Programming Interface (API) is a set of programming instructions and standards for accessing a web-based software application.
  • GtR has made three APIs available which allow developers to create applications that are able to extract information, about research, directly from the GtR website; such applications might typically be created to analyse the data in ways that add value for users.

Who can use the APIs?

  • The APIs are for use by people with technical experience of APIs. Further information can be found in the documentation below.

Which APIs are supported on GtR?

  • The GtR API is developed around the requirements of the website and is linked directly to each of the screens.
  • The GtR-2 API accesses the data in a form that provides greater independence from the current User Interface, and provides versioning to allow clients to progress to later versions at their choosing.
  • The CERIF API is a mapping of the backend GTR system into the CERIF model. Many of the features of the GtR model, such as sorting and facets, do not transfer to the CERIF model and are therefore not available using the CERIF API.

Which version of CERIF is being used?

  • CERIF 1.5 is the version used in GtR.

How do I access the APIs?